AI Chatbots are Accelerating & Automating Customer Support for Utilities!

Using conversational AI from Sofbang, utility providers can…

  • Enable customer self-service
  • Provide a personalized experience
  • Reduce call volume
  • Decrease wait/hold times
  • Improve customer satisfaction
AI chatbots are revolutionizing customer support utilities industry!
As competition grows in the energy sector, getting customer service right while still controlling costs is essential. Conversational AI chatbots for utilities have the potential to enable:
1 %

Cost-per-call reduction

1 %

Deflection of incoming service calls

1 %

Improvement of customer satisfaction ratings

Sofbang’s AI chatbots for customer service are built on a deep understanding of the challenges of customer care in the utility industry. Our pre-built Chatbot for Utilities Accelerator can roll out the following functionality on a website in a matter of weeks:
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) processing

Start, stop, or move services

Bill look-up and payment

Outage report & status update capabilities

Rebates & tips to help customers save money
Handoff to a live agent as needed
Further use cases and functions can be developed based on your specific needs and business model.

Why Sofbang?

At Sofbang, we deliver cutting edge chatbots for the utilities sector that are built on a deep understanding of AI and specific industry challenges. We’ve helped Fortune 100 giants and regional providers alike.

That means all our chatbots for utilities are built to industry-leading specifications.

What’s Our Approach?

We specialize in extending, connecting, and automating your IT stack. That means we start with a discovery session that uncovers your specific goals, needs, and existing investment and from there create a roadmap toward chatbot value realization.

Our steel thread methodology means we deliver core functionality and integration rapidly and layer additional power and functionality onto the bot as we go. To put it briefly, that means you’ll start to realize return-on-investment on your engagement with Sofbang in less than a month!

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