Transforming Customers

We consider customer success the greatest measure of Sofbang’s success. As an integrator, the focus of our work is making life easier for our clients by making workflows more efficient, increasing employee productivity and enhancing the customer experience. These actions contribute to reduced costs, increased revenue and improved profitability.

Building Trust

When you invite a contractor into your home to do work, you’d much rather hire someone you can trust. We believe the same is true of your IT investments and overall technology strategy. We get to know our clients on an individualized level and are proud to say our core customers come back to us year after year because of trust and respect.

Demonstrating Humility

It’s pretty easy for technology companies to fall into talking about how great and innovative they are, but we believe it’s more important to stay humble and always maintain focus on customer needs. We pride ourselves on listening to and hearing each individual client. We’re constantly working to build new value for our clients and treat each engagement like it’s our first and our last.

Giving Back

We see ourselves as a member of a community with the ability and responsibility to make life better for the people around us. We identify new ways to apply our knowledge and expertise to create new business value and to give back to the communities in which we live.

Serving a Higher Purpose

Every day, we take time to focus on how the work we do is so much bigger than the delivery of a ‘product’. Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that make their life and their business easier so that they can provide increased value and satisfaction to their customers. Our passion comes from focusing on the real difference we can make through our consultative services and development expertise.

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